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Flavor By Fire™

Since the beginning of time, when man first rubbed two sticks together, food has been cooked over an open fire. With the introduction of the electric and gas stove, the microwave, and propane grilling, the ease of cooking has greatly increased. But we have lost all the natural, bold flavors and nutritional value of food cooked over a live wood fire. While conventional stoves and microwaves just “heat” food, a live wood fire actually flavors and perfectly cooks food. The ideal temperatures created by the flames of burning wood gently sear and crisp the proteins in our meats and fish and caramelize the natural sugars in vegetables and fruit. Combined with the bold smoky flavors of seasoned hardwood, a wonderful dimension and depth of aromas is added to the natural taste of food we are enjoying.


Cooking by fire also brings us back to a time when the pace of life was a bit slower.  With today’s technology and the convenience of fast food, we seldom have time to stop and enjoy the traditional family dinner table, where food is cooked with love and passion.  Where homemade, healthy meals, natural  flavors of organically grown food, and the wonderful smells and subtle aromas of meals being cooked on an open live fire bring us back to grandmother’s kitchen.  The FIREGRILL™ allows for all this again.

Since the days of chuck wagon cooking, the all-American BBQ has become an obsession. It is a fun, exciting, and a great way to cook.  But with today’s more convenient method of gas and charcoal grilling, we have lost all the bold flavors and aromas of cooking over a live wood fire. If you are searching for the ultimate flavors of open fire cooking, treat yourself to the experience of a meal cooked with the  ALL NEW FIREGRILL™ COOKING SYSTEM!


Discover Cooking all over Again

Cooking over a wood fire today is unwieldy, as open fire and hearth cooking techniques have not changed much since the 18th century. We still use heavy cast iron pots, trammels, cranes, grill grates supported by fire bricks, meats suspended on long forks, and food cooked in hot ambers. Most of the tools are cumbersome, difficult to adjust, and very heavy. The FIREGRILL™, with its clever attachments, addresses these issues by significantly simplifying the process of cooking over ANY open fire.  A lighter weight, easy to assemble, infinitely adjustable, and versatile cooking system makes this possible.  Now, we can return to cooking the way it was intended to be: great, bold flavors created by natural woods, over an live open fire. 


Swiss Engineered

Handcrafted in America

US patent number: 8,272,601

Each basic FIREGRILL™ comes with a cooking stand and handle holder.  Swiss Engineered and individually handcrafted in the USA, the FIRE GRILL™ is made from strong carbon steel and finished with a high-temperature resistant coating. Its clever cantilevered design enables it to support heavy items like pizza stones, cast iron griddles, full-size woks, heavy hanging pots, Dutch ovens, large fry-pans, stock pots, rotisseries ... and more! Available in three different sizes, the stand is easily collapsible for storage and portability.

The fully adjustable HANDLE HOLDER allows for infinite adjustment of distance and location within the fire for optimal cooking temperatures. One or more HANDLE HOLDERS can be used to support a wide variety of cooking vessels like sauteé-pans, grill baskets, chestnut roasters, etc. or any of our FIREGRILL™ accessories such as the ROTISSERIE, the BIG GRILL, the SHISHKABOBER, the FIRE RING or the FIRE HOOK. The all-new FIRE PIT attachment allows for a fully self-contained LIVE FIRE-COOKING SYSTEM in one package! Now you can bring the fire with you anywhere you go, and enjoy the great flavors of wood-fire cooking. 


The FIREGRILL™ OPEN FIRE COOKING SYSTEM is the go-to cooking tool for the discerning chef, the weekend BBQ'er, the tailgater, the camping enthusiast, the backyard grill master, and can even be used as a survival cooking tool during power outages and other emergencies! 

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Cook over any open Fire

The FIREGRILL™ gives a cook the option to choose from a wide range of unique heat sources, including, campfires, BBQ grills, fire pits, wood stoves, fireplaces, beach fires, pizza ovens, and many more.  Imagine being able to grill a steak in your fireplace in the dead of winter, grilling juicy ribs at a tailgater, or slow-cooking a stew or a leg of lamb over your fire pit.

Cook anything over an open fire!

Not only does the revolutionary FIREGRILL™ give unprecedented access to the flavors of cooking over a wood fire, this unique cooking system provides accessories which allow the chef or BBQ master to prepare almost ANYTHING over an open fire: meats, fish, eggs and vegetables, hot dogs and hamburgers, pizza, pasta, soups and stews, bread, pancakes and even pies. Almost anything the chef imagines can now be cooked over an open fire. The food's full depth and natural flavors will be enhanced by the bold aromas of live open fire cooking; it will be like discovering cooking all over again. After trying it once, you'll never go back to charcoal or gas.